What Tools Do You Need For Your Home Woodworking Studio?

Everything YOu Need to Start Woodworking What Tools Do You Need for Woodworking?

A home woodworking studio is a place of creativity, construction, and enjoyment for at-home woodworkers. Keeping and organizing tools in a tool box and having the correct woodworking tools in the woodworking studio is important.

The more tools are available, the easier it is to make a variety of functional and attractive projects.

Woodworking Power Drill and Router

A power drill is one of the most basic tools that woodworkers need on hand for drilling pilot holes and inserting screws into wood. Corded power drills are more powerful than cordless power drills, so unless the drill will also be used in outdoor construction projects, invest in a corded drill.

The router is a tool that is similar to a drill in that it can be used to drill holes through wood. However, routers are more versatile than standard drills. Routers are useful for making rabbets, mortises and other crafty woodworking shapes and cuts.

Jigsaw, Circular Saw and Table Saw for Woodworking

The jigsaw comes with thin blade that can be turned in any direction, making it a very versatile tool for making round, curved and diagonal cuts. For a beginning woodworker that may need essential tools, the jigsaw is also an easy blade to use, requiring little or no training. While some other tools might be capable of achieving the same cuts, the jigsaw meets the needs of a beginning woodworker perfectly.

The circular saw can be used to make straight cuts through a variety of materials. This affordable tool is perfect for a beginning woodworking shop, as it can act as a stand-in for bigger tools like a table saw.

The table saw is the workhorse of the woodworking studio, creating long, straight cuts that chew through materials of all types. Because it represents a serious investment, this kind of tool is usually purchased by woodworkers with more ability and experience. When purchasing a table saw, it’s important to pick the product of the best quality possible.

Wood Random Orbital Sander

No doubt about it, woodworkers have to do a lot of sanding. Random orbital sanders are good for sanding larger surfaces like tabletops, doors and other large boards. By design, the random orbital sander creates a random pattern in the wood and is less likely to create noticeable marks in the finished product.

Essential Woodworking Tools That Require No Power

There are a variety of tools that require no power to operate but which are essential for a good woodworking studio. These are tools that many homeowners keep on hand as standard practice. These tools include:

  • Claw hammer. A claw hammer is critical for hammering in nails and pulling them out.
  • Screw driver. Woodworkers need both types of screwdriver: the Phillips and the flat-head.
  • Tape measure. Making accurate measurements in the woodworking studio is critical, so it’s important to have a good tape measure on hand.

Woodworking Thickness Planer

A thickness planer is a tool that enables woodworkers to plane their own stock from rough-hewn wood. The thickness planer produces wood at a fraction of the cost of wood from a mill. So for a woodworker who needs a lot of planed wood, the thickness planer is an excellent investment. This is an advanced tool that many beginning woodworkers do not have. However, for the right woodworker, this type of tool is a very valuable investment.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced woodworker, you need good tools on hand in your studio for making projects. When purchasing tools, buy the best quality tools possible to ensure good results.