What Tools Do You Need For Your Home Woodworking Studio?

Woodworking toolsA home woodworking studio is a place of creativity, construction, and enjoyment for at-home woodworkers. Keeping and organizing the right woodworking tools in the woodworking studio is important. The more tools are available, the easier it is to make a variety of functional and attractive projects.

Power Drill and Router

A power drill is one of the most basic tools that woodworkers need on hand for drilling pilot holes and inserting screws into wood. Corded power drills are more powerful than cordless power drills, so unless the drill will also be used in outdoor construction projects, invest in a corded drill. Read more What Tools Do You Need For Your Home Woodworking Studio?

Advanced DIY Tools for Homeowners & Apartment Dwellers

Do it yourself toolsThe home improvement world can be a complicated one to navigate if a homeowner is just getting started. It’s not just a time investment, but also a financial one to buy the equipment, small tools and accouterments necessary for every project. But once a homeowner has the hang of it, it’s hard not to be thirsty for more. For those who have graduated past the standard hammer, screwdriver, and Allen wrench, keep these tools in mind for the next hardware trip.

Air Compressor

The versatility of an air compressor makes it a must for those who complete a number of major projects around the home. Air compressors can be used in practically any location. And they can transition from inflating a tire to powering a nail gun in seconds flat. Read more Advanced DIY Tools for Homeowners & Apartment Dwellers

3 DIY Projects for Homeowners to Tackle

DIY easy projectsSometimes the only thing that’s stopping a homeowner from learning a new skill is finding the right project to get started on. It’s easy to get discouraged or overwhelmed if there are multiple projects on the docket, or if a homeowner isn’t sure about the safety or financial repercussions of certain jobs. As with anything in life, it helps to take things one step at a time. Remember to build up skills brick by brick. Use these ideas to get a better idea of how to spruce up a home without the drama before branching out.

Front Entrance Home Renovations

Improving the entrance of a home doesn’t just make the place more inviting to onlookers, it also makes coming home that much more pleasant. Read more 3 DIY Projects for Homeowners to Tackle

Staying Safe While Using Common Home Tools

Home tool safetyUsing tools around the house is much more effective and enjoyable when the risk of injury or damage is lower. With these tips and some safety gear, homeowners know how to minimize hurting themselves and others while using their home tools.

1. Personal Protective Equipment Needed

Before anyone can start on a particular home project, they need to understand which kinds of personal protective gear is available and recommended for the purpose. Anyone working around the house should wear comfortable, fitted clothing that is unlikely to snag on anything. They should also have their tools organized, clean and easy to get to. Depending on the task, people might also need to obtain: Read more Staying Safe While Using Common Home Tools

Essential Tools for Routine DIY Home Repairs

Home repairs tool kitsBeing able to do a few things around the house calls for the right tools. With this list, homeowners will have many of the basic tools they need to solve a wide variety of minor household problems.

Measuring and Hanging

Since many people decide that they want to hang something on their walls or ceiling, they should have the tools that will provide information about where to hang an item and if they have hung it correctly.

Read more Essential Tools for Routine DIY Home Repairs