Woodworking Using Hand Tools

wood=working-toolsWoodworking is a great hobby and a great way to make money. But to do so effectively, you need the right hand tools.

These primary woodworking hand tools will give a fantastic beginning for your woodworking journey. Don’t be frightened by the potential outlay of cash either. Flea markets and yard sales are excellent, economical places to shop for all these hand tool fundamentals. Or, you can buy new tools at most hardware stores.

These are the essential woodworking hand tools:

  • Combination Square: An indispensable tool for drawing or knifing a line at 45 and 90 degrees. A cut line is far better than a pencil line because it supplies a precise location and line for beginning a chisel or handsaw.

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How to Choose Safety Gear for Face Protection

Facial safetyThose who work with tools need to become familiar with how to shield their face from any number of potential hazards. Preventable injuries occur when tool operators take risks, so it’s especially important to wear their facial safety gear at all times — even for quick and simple jobs.

Whether it’s intense heat or foreign objects that pose a threat, hobbyists and professionals alike should keep the following in mind before selecting face protection gear.

Safety Goggles

The eyes are sensitive and vulnerable when exposed to dangerous elements. Read more How to Choose Safety Gear for Face Protection

Which Power Tools Do You Need Around the House?

Power tools for household useMany homeowners at one time or another will find themselves wanting power tools. Power tools make it easier to perform home improvement projects and make repairs. Power tools also help hobbyists who like to build things in their garage.

New homeowners and people who are new to making home improvement projects can find the world of power tools intimidating. This list will help someone who hasn’t yet invested in power tools to find the right tools for them. 

Power Drill

Many homeowners use their power drill more than any other tool in the tool box. Read more Which Power Tools Do You Need Around the House?

When to DIY and When to Hire A Professional: Tips For New Homeowners

do it yourself projects with small toolsHomeownership is a serious commitment. Upon buying their first house, most people learn through experience how to make a variety of home improvements. However, not all home improvements should be performed by a homeowner.

Some home improvements are too expensive, too high stakes or too complex to be performed by someone without specialized training. Knowing the difference between a good DIY project and a project for a professional can help homeowners who want to take good care of their house.  Read more When to DIY and When to Hire A Professional: Tips For New Homeowners

The Best Safety Equipment: What You Need to Know

safety equipmentSafety equipment, or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), is very important to the security and protection of anyone who has a job where they could be injured.

This includes construction workers, industrial employees, railroad workers, and many other individuals. These are in occupations where harm could come to them relatively easily through the natural scope of their job duties.

But getting the right safety equipment may take some time and effort, because what works for one person in one job isn’t going to work for another person in another job. Using equipment that isn’t correct may not offer the needed level of protection, so that’s important to be aware of. Here’s what to consider when choosing the best safety equipment for specific needs and duties.

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