The Tools and Equipment You Need for an At-Home Metalworking Studio

A metalworking studio can be used by different people for a number of different purposes. Some people just like to create for the sake of creating. Some want to give gifts to their friends and family.

Others want to start a side business for some extra income. And a select few will use their studio to change the world with their stunning inventions. There is no right or wrong when it comes to what a person chooses to do with the metal.

But whatever a person is hoping for, they’ll need some basic metal working tools, storage in a good metal tool box and the equipment necessary before getting started. Read more The Tools and Equipment You Need for an At-Home Metalworking Studio

What Is a Tool Makerspace and Why Should You Care?

It is always a big moment whenever a great idea is born, because it can mean something great is about to appear. But before an idea can become a reality, it has to be created. But what happens when someone has an idea, but they have no means or tools to implement or create it?

That’s where makerspaces can come in. A makerspace, also known as an “incubator”, “fab lab” or simply a local hobby or wood shop, is a communal workshop filled with the best small tool sets and technology that may not be accessible to everyone due to the cost of purchasing, storing or maintaining them.

Many makerspaces come with laser engravers, 3-D printers, wood and metal working shops, and countless other small tools for members to use. Some also may come with the materials to build things with, such as lumber, wood or metal. Rather than buy all of the tools or equipment needed to actualize their ideas, members only need to pay a monthly membership fee. Read more What Is a Tool Makerspace and Why Should You Care?

Staying Safe While Using Common Home Tools

Home tool safetyUsing tools around the house is much more effective and enjoyable when the risk of injury or damage is lower. Homeowners should know how to minimize hurting themselves and others while using their home tools.

Safety, along with how to care for and properly use metal and rolling tool boxes, is as important as the tools they may contain. With the variety of tools, both manual and power tools a person may use, safety for themselves and others should be paramount. 

So be safe with these tips and safety gear ideas; Read more Staying Safe While Using Common Home Tools

Tool Kit Company Reviews – Vastar

Vastar Tool Kits and ToolsAs a part of our tool kit, tool box and general reviews, ratings and buyers guide for tools, we also review tool kit and tool making companies. One of these companies is Vastar.

Vastar is a subsidiary of ALIZON TECH CORP. This company makes consumer electronics and accessories.

While Vastar makes innovative tools and tool kits for consumers. Vastars company motto is to, “… create products with simplicity and usability (and) listen to our customers and value every constructive feedback… to improve our products and services.” Read more Tool Kit Company Reviews – Vastar