A Short History of Toolboxes

Toolboxes have been around since the beginning of mankind. Ever since a hunter picked up a rock to throw at dinner, he has been searching for a box or special place to put that lucky rock.

Old toolboxNo doubt the first toolboxes were simply cloth bags or stone or clay jars to hold tools used in hunting or the construction of homes or other things. As wood became more available for homes and tools were created to work wood, toolboxes were created from wood.

Then, as man needed to carry more tools and items for work and construction, tool bags and tool boxes started being made of other materials. Materials such as animal skins, leather, cloth and any other materials that could be used to carry things.

During the industrial revolution of the 1800’s, tool boxes, bags and tool kits truly came of age. This was the time when mass production of consumer items, electrical power and clothing became standard. As the population of cities increased, so did the need for construction people, repair people and general workers increase as well. And all of these types of people needed to carry their tools with them – or they would have to go back and forth from their shops or homes. Hence the standardization of tool kits and tool bags began.

And as different professions needed to carry different things, so the bags and toolboxes changed as well.


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