Picking the Right Respirator: Safety Matters

How to Use a Respirator Safely Why Do You Need a Respirator?

When it comes to making sure workers are safe in a construction or industrial setting, one of the things they need to focus on is a good respirator. Hard hats, gloves, the proper storage of tools and other types of safety equipment are important as well, but breathing is vital to life.

Without a good respirator, workers risk getting particulates into their lungs. They may inhale chemicals that could be dangerous to their health. Which, in turn, could cause lung problems and breathing difficulties.

Here are some of the most important things to consider when it comes to selecting the right respirator for any kind of industrial or construction needs.

What Makes a Good Respirator?

Good respirators will filter out smells, chemical compounds, dust, and particulates. How small the particles can be before they are able to pass through the filter depends on the quality of the respirator and its specific attributes. These particles are often measured in microns, and are too small to be seen with the naked eye.

HEPA filters are popular in respirators, as they have been used to successfully remove many of the types of particles that fly around sites where construction is being done or industrial processes are operating. But these are not the only kinds of filters that respirators use.

Respirators also need to reduce smells and filter out things that might be lighter in mass.  Things such as steam, smoke, and more need to be removed. Not all respirators do all things, so it’s important to make sure that anyone choosing a respirator chooses the one that’s going to give them the type of protection they need. Some work in environments where gases and odors are a serious danger, while others work in areas where particulates are putting them at risk of harm. Knowing what the respirator can handle matters and contribute to a safe working environment.

Price Shouldn’t Be a Factor

While it’s understandable that people are on budgets, price really shouldn’t factor into the decision of which respirator to choose. In some cases the respirators that are the best may not be the most expensive. But in reverse, they are also probably not the least expensive options on the market, either.

Rather than focus on the price of the respirator, focus on the proper job with quality and safety. Then look for a fair priced respirator in that category and make sure to purchase one that meets regulations and requirements for protection.

Remember That Filters Need to be Changed

Most respirators have filters that have to be changed or cleaned, and neglecting to do that can cause problems. Respirator filters should be changed or cleaned on a proper schedule. If not, they can end up not working as well as they should. It may be inefficient in removing gases and toxins from the air, or reducing particulates.

It may also be a struggle to provide enough oxygen to the person using it. This could be detrimental to health. It’s vital to make sure that respirators are maintained the way they should be. In addition, the person using them must understand how to handle them correctly.

Choosing the right respirator definitely matters for safety, health, and peace of mind.