Organizing Garage & Shop Tools

How to Organize the Tools in Your Garage or Shop How Should You Organize Your Tools in the Garage?

For many individuals and homeowners, a garage equates to a large toolshed or storage unit. But in truth, most homeowners would like to become organized, so they could work on all those woodworking projects and not waste time hunting for tools. Here are some hints and ideas about organizing those tools in the garage.

To begin, if one desires that the garage and small tools be organized, then prioritize the space available. Forget about wishing the space was larger or adding on – and work with what exists. Though what exists may be messy, start with cleaning out what does not belong in a working garage. If the car garage is being used as a storage unit, maybe it is time to get an offsite storage unit.

Once the garage is cleared of all of the items that don’t belong, it’s time to start organizing those tools.

Buy a Large Rolling Toolbox

Nothing organizes tools better than a large rolling toolbox or tool chest. Most of these large tool chests have various sized drawers for both small and large tools. Most also have padded tops to place the tools once they are out of the drawers.

If a large rolling toolbox doesn’t work in the limited garage space, then consider buying a small metal tool box. A small toolbox has the added benefit of being able to also go with you in your car or boat. Many smaller metal toolboxes also have built-in drawers to separate those small or hard to find tools.

Create Pegboards

Get pegboards—these are essential if you have a boatload of small tools and a garage. All you need to do so is stick some pegs in the board and then hang the tools up. When you arrange your tools on a pegboard, seeing them makes it simpler to find the tool which you need as quickly as possible.

As a reminder of where the tools go on a pegboard, outline the tools on the pegboard. Put the tool where it is supposed to be. Receive a mark, and draw the edges of the tool around. That way, you know which ones are missing and where tools should go.

Add Wall Hooks or Screws

A good and cheap alternative to pegboards is using wall hooks or long screws to hang small tools from the garage wall. It’s possible to install just one or two of them to be used for any number of types of tools or equipment. Tools such as a hammer, wrenches or pliers can hang from the wall on a hook or a screw.

Install Wire or Cable Shelving

Wire or cable shelving is light-weight, inexpensive, and simple to install. Apart from that, you can easily see the tools placed on them. Cable shelves are also easy to install and can be used to hang tools and other garage items down from the shelving on strong cables. With some hard work and a few adjustments, that garage will become organized with all the tools you may need to start that new project.