5 Best Metal Tool Boxes

Find the latest reviews for the best metal tool boxes below – updated for 2019! Choosing the right tool box or the highest ranked one, with all of the options out there, can be difficult. There are different types and brands of tool boxes – often that look the same until you pick them up and inspect them. Such a simple thing; a tool box – who would have thought it would be so difficult to choose a toolbox? Fortunately, our metal toolbox reviews and buying guide are here to assist and help you. We also have a tool box buying guide to assist you. The table below is summarizes the top 5 best tool boxes.

Below are our reviews of the 5 best metal tool boxes & tool chest reviews. Note that when reading the reviews, always note the size, the material it is made from, handles and any metal tool box with drawers. And always think safety! The below rankings & reviews are for the best portable tool box made from metal.

Note our easy & exclusive STAR RANKINGS for each product.

Reviews & Rankings – Best Metal Tool Boxes

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Review  ★★★★★

With rugged construction, heavy weight construction, this Red Craftsman Tool Box will be handed down from generation to generation. An excellent choice in metal toolboxes. The pros of the Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Toolbox include its heavy-gauge construction, a latching lid, three drawers and larger size. The cons of the Craftsman 3 Drawer Toolbox are that it is moderately expensive, smaller drawer sizes and it is bright red in color. Compared to other toolboxes, the Craftsman Professional Toolbox is different, in that it is the basic and simple toolbox that many people look for. It also has three drawers, whereas many of its competitors either have fewer or no drawers at all. Additionally, the drawers will not open unless the lid is open – to prevent the drawers from opening when they should not. We give the Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Toolbox our highest ranking of Five Stars. 

Excel TB140-Black 20-Inch Portable Steel Tool Box Review  ★★★

The Excel TB140 20 Inch Black Portable Steel Tool Box has a grip handle and two latches, not one as many other metal toolboxes. It also has a full length piano-type hinge which holds the lid to to the main metal box. This hinge is different as other tool boxes may have two to three separate hinges. The steel tool box is painted black using an industrial power coat finish method. It has one removable metal tray with a carry handle attached. This is a good all-around toolbox, though because it doesn’t have drawers or many extras, and the metal its made from is somewhat thin, we give the Excel TB140 20 Inch Black Portable Steel toolbox our three star rating. 

Homak BW00200240 24Inch Industrial Steel Toolbox Review  ★★★★

The Homak 24 Inch Industrial Steel Tool Box has three latches, with one having a hole for a lock. This is somewhat unusual as other metal tool boxes usually have only one latch in the middle. The metal it is made from is an .8mm metal thickness, somewhat more than other metal toolboxes. Additionally, instead of a power-type grossy and shiny paint covering, it is covered with a brown wrinkle powder paint covering. Included in the tool box is a removable tray. This tray measures 31 1/2″ long X 4 3/4″ deep X 1 1/2″ deep and is divided into two equal sections. The tray can be slide backwards, forwards or removed. The product is manufactured in China. It can be slid toward the back, toward the front, or can be removed completely. Because of the thicker steel construction and the removable tray, we give the Homak 24 Inch Industrial Steel toolbox our four star rating. 

Stanley STST19501 Auto Slide Drawer Metal Tool Box, 19-Inch Review  ★★★★★

The Stanley STST19501 Auto Slide Drawer Metal Tool Box is somewhat unique among our top choices. One big difference is the top lid doesn’t have lips on the sides. The lid simply latches to the top of the box. Another big difference is the top drawer. The drawer slides towards the back in order to get into the lower storage compartment. It also has an automatic locking mechanism that keeps the drawer closed when the toolbox is being picked up and moved. The drawer also moves on ball bearing slides, as opposed to a simple metal on metal slider. The handle on top is somewhat larger than most, as the manufacturer states it is easier to balance a heavier toolbox with a wider and longer handle. Because of the ball-bearing drawer, the unique construction and the slightly larger size of the toolbox, we give the Stanley STST19501 Auto Slide Drawer Metal Tool Box, 19-Inch toolbox our highest five star rating. 

Excel TB137 Red 1-Tray Steel Tool Box Review  ★★★

The Excel TB137-Red Steel Trey Tool Box has one metal tray and is painted red with an industrial powder coat paint finish. The overall dimensions are 16.9 inches long, with a 7 inch depth. It is 7.2 inches high. The lid hinge is a piano-type spanning the entire lid length.  The There is only one metal latch to lock the lid onto the toolbox. The tray has no unique features and is removable. This is a great light use toolbox for hobby use. Because of the somewhat thinner construction metal and the lack of a larger hole to place a lock in the latch, we give the Excel TB137-Red 1-Tray Steel toolbox a three star rating. 

Though there are many other metal toolboxes on the market, the five toolbox choices above include light use and heavy use. Some are cheaper than others, and with some having more advantage than others. When choosing a metal toolbox, know if you will be using it outside, inside, and if you will need a heavy-duty toolbox or a light weight one. If a metal toolbox doesn’t fit your needs, then try a good tool belt that you put around your waist.