Mankind’s Special Relationship With Tools

The History of Mankind and Tools How Does Tool Usage Make Mankind Unique?

Since mankind has walked on two feet, humans have been using tools. The first tools were probably rocks or sticks. As time marched on, humans learned to fashion wood and metal into different types of tools. And that’s when the love affair began.

Though a few other animals and birds have managed to make and use tools, humanity is unique. Our ability to think, make and use tools is something only humans do. Whether it be to help with food creation or harvest, building a home or transportation, we have used tools for thousands of years.

And along with our tools, we have needed something to carry our tools in. Small tool sets, tool kits, boxes and chests have all been created to hold our lifelong love of tools.

A Love of Tools

In order to build anything efficiently, humans first had to make tools. The first tool was probably a rock, used as a hammer. Then came a stick, made into all sorts of tools to build shelters or homes. And since then, all kinds of tools have been created.

Tools, even though they are inanimate objects, foster a kind of love from those that use them. Unlike many of our human friends and relatives, our tools are always there for us. They are always available to assist and help us. And we need tools, both for woodworking and metal working.

And, they never let us down. No wonder so many people have a great love of tools!

A Place to Keep our Love of Tools

Of course, when you love something, you want to keep it safe and secure. We do that with tool boxes, tool chests and tool kits. These containers for all of our important tools, keep the things we care about (our tools) organized and out of the weather. Our screwdrivers, hammers, socket sets and wrenches, are all safe and secure in their locked chests and boxes, ready for use the next time we need them.

So no matter which tool you may need, always remember that humans have been using tools for thousands of years. Longer actually than we have lived in homes and developed farming! So our tools and the boxes and chests and kits we keep them in, deserve our respect and love.