4 Tips for Storing Bulky and Oversized Tools

How to Store Large & Bulky Tools Putting away tools properly after each use is so essential that the authorities at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration list ‘Practicing Good Housekeeping’ as #7 on their The Ten Commandments of Good Safety Habits. Without a doubt, this is excellent advice for those who want to stay safe and prevent accidents when it comes to dealing with tools—especially bulky ones. However, oversized tool storage and organization plus those oddly shaped contrivances can make putting away tools properly somewhat of a challenge. Fortunately, we are going to offer some solid tips for storing bulky tools.

It’s Always Tool Box Time

Regardless of how tools will ultimately be stored, a tool-loving homeowner just cannot have too many tool boxes. Typically inexpensive and available in a variety of materials and sizes with options for locks and weatherproofing, there’s no reason not to invest in a few tool boxes. Modular hard-shelled rolling tool boxes have started offering interlocking surface forms, which allows stacking without the risk of tools slipping.

Of course, the most essential feature in a tool box is all the open space inside that will hold and protect any tools without their cases, oddly shaped garage gadgets and bulky items that don’t situate well on tool carts or inside soft tool bags and tool belts. As a bonus, these tool boxes typically contain a removable housing or tool box drawer liner where smaller tools and hardware can be kept organized.

Wall Shelving Storage Systems

Any garage lacking a wall storage system is likely somewhat disorganized—particularly within the realm of bulky items. Not having shelves often results in having haphazardly tucked tools in the bottom of closets, in corners of the garage, or just lying on the floor.

A simple wall storage system is an excellent way to store bulky tools where they can be organized by type, size or shape. These units maximize on wall space while minimizing on the use of floor space, making them one of the most popular options for tool storage.

Shelves can be open, enclosed or even have lockable doors to prevent unwanted access. Because of their structured design, storage shelving is the perfect place to store and stack tool boxes for even greater tool organization.

Wall Mounted Storage Systems for Awkward Tools

One of the most common types of wall mounted storage systems for tools are pegboards. More than just tiny holes for hooks, the evolution of pegboard hardware allows them to hold just about any gadget you can think of (or find in your garage). There are straps, baskets, adjustable shelves and all kinds of ingenious pegboard attachments that will provide solutions for even your most oddball bulky tools.

Another wall mounted storage option to consider comes in the form of heavy-duty shelves that are solidly connected at beams and bracketed to hold heavy capacity loads—even if only light items will go there. These can be wood or metal shelves, and some include basket spaces for deeper storage options on the wall. Wall mounted shelves keep floor space free for other bulky items too large for elevated storage. Some common bulky tools these systems store with ease include:

  • Ladders
  • Tires
  • Lumber
  • Weed Eaters
  • Leaf Blowers
  • Gardening Tools
  • Saws
  • Hoses
  • Extension Cords

Ceiling Hanging Concepts for Extra Storage

Ceiling mounted racks can range from simple anchor-style risers that hold long items like surfboards or timber to models several square feet of baseboards where one can stack and store like never before. The most versatile styles often boast hooks or straps that allow for hanging storage for items like wheelbarrows and lawnmowers.

These types of ceiling units are best situated near a wall, and in many cases must be in order for proper hanging of items. Simpler concepts include traditional ceiling hooks and pulley-style strapping systems that are commonly used for bicycles. Today, there are innovative options geared specifically towards tools.

Don’t get tooled out of your own abode. Consider one of these tool storage options for bulky tools before getting buried in them.