When to DIY and When to Hire A Professional: Tips For New Homeowners

do it yourself projects with small toolsHomeownership is a serious commitment. Upon buying their first house, most people learn through experience how to make a variety of home improvements. However, not all home improvements should be performed by a homeowner.

Some home improvements are too expensive, too high stakes or too complex to be performed by someone without specialized training. Knowing the difference between a good DIY project and a project for a professional can help homeowners who want to take good care of their house.  Read more When to DIY and When to Hire A Professional: Tips For New Homeowners

Picking the Right Respirator: Safety Matters

respirator safetyWhen it comes to making sure workers are safe in a construction or industrial setting, one of the things they need to focus on is a good respirator. Hard hats, gloves, the proper storage of tools and other types of safety equipment are important as well, but breathing is vital to life.

Without a good respirator, workers risk getting particulates into their lungs. They may inhale chemicals that could be dangerous to their health. Which, in turn, could cause lung problems and breathing difficulties.

Here are some of the most important things to consider when it comes to selecting the right respirator for any kind of industrial or construction needs. Read more Picking the Right Respirator: Safety Matters

How to Personalize Tool Boxes for Different Family Members

Personalize tool box

Personalized home tool boxes are stocked with a variety of safe, easy-to-use power tools as well as some basics tools. Basic tools like a tape measure and a set of allen wrenches that are a great help around the house.

Keeping the tools organized and in one place—either in a bucket or a portable, compartmented tool box; the proper equipment will always be available for those small tasks that just shouldn’t wait!

Tools for Simple Jobs

Even simple hammers and screwdrivers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but a home tool kit need not include one of each. For most home repairs and simple DIY tasks, simple is best. Read more How to Personalize Tool Boxes for Different Family Members

What Is a Tool Makerspace and Why Should You Care?

It is always a big moment whenever a great idea is born, because it can mean something great is about to appear. But before an idea can become a reality, it has to be created. But what happens when someone has an idea, but they have no means or tools to implement or create it?

That’s where makerspaces can come in. A makerspace, also known as an “incubator”, “fab lab” or simply a local hobby or wood shop, is a communal workshop filled with the best small tool sets and technology that may not be accessible to everyone due to the cost of purchasing, storing or maintaining them.

Many makerspaces come with laser engravers, 3-D printers, wood and metal working shops, and countless other small tools for members to use. Some also may come with the materials to build things with, such as lumber, wood or metal. Rather than buy all of the tools or equipment needed to actualize their ideas, members only need to pay a monthly membership fee. Read more What Is a Tool Makerspace and Why Should You Care?

3 DIY Projects for Homeowners to Tackle

DIY easy projectsSometimes the only thing that’s stopping a homeowner from learning a new skill is finding the right project to get started on.

It’s easy to get discouraged or overwhelmed if there are multiple projects on the docket, or if a homeowner isn’t sure about being safe or financial repercussions of certain jobs.

As with anything in life, it helps to take things one step at a time. Remember to build up skills brick by brick. Use these ideas to get a better idea of how to spruce up a home without the drama before branching out. Read more 3 DIY Projects for Homeowners to Tackle