Organizing Garage & Shop Tools

For many individuals and homeowners, a garage equates to a large toolshed or storage unit. But in truth, most homeowners would like to become organized, so they could work on all those woodworking projects and not waste time hunting for tools. Here are some hints and ideas about organizing those tools in the garage.

To begin, if one desires that the garage and small tools be organized, then prioritize the space available. Forget about wishing the space was larger or adding on – and work with what exists. Read more Organizing Garage & Shop Tools

Off Road Tool Kit Essentials

going off road needs toolsMechanical fractures and 4WD failures are unavoidable when going off road. When you’re in the boonies from your nearest gas station, it can well be up to you or your pals to fix the Jeep to make it back home. On board tools could be crucial if this happens. It’s smart to always carry at least fundamental tools in the backcountry. Read more Off Road Tool Kit Essentials