How to Pick the Right Tools for Resin Casting

resin casting toolsWorking with resin can be an undoubtedly rewarding experience, especially considering how many choices the caster has to mold their creations. Much like choosing the right tool kit for home use, it helps to at least study the tools available to determine which ones you are likely to use the most.

Too few tools, and a caster may feel limited. Too many tools, and the caster may end up wasting money on items they never use. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind before heading out to the store.

Picking the Right Resin

There are two major types of resin available: polyester or resin. Read more How to Pick the Right Tools for Resin Casting

What Is a Tool Makerspace and Why Should You Care?

It is always a big moment whenever a great idea is born, because it can mean something great is about to appear. But before an idea can become a reality, it has to be created. But what happens when someone has an idea, but they have no means or tools to implement or create it?

That’s where makerspaces can come in. A makerspace, also known as an “incubator”, “fab lab” or simply a local hobby or wood shop, is a communal workshop filled with the best small tool sets and technology that may not be accessible to everyone due to the cost of purchasing, storing or maintaining them.

Many makerspaces come with laser engravers, 3-D printers, wood and metal working shops, and countless other small tools for members to use. Some also may come with the materials to build things with, such as lumber, wood or metal. Rather than buy all of the tools or equipment needed to actualize their ideas, members only need to pay a monthly membership fee. Read more What Is a Tool Makerspace and Why Should You Care?