Top 5 Best Mechanic’s Tool Boxes

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The 5 Best Mechanic Tool Boxes

In the quest for the best mechanic tool box, one should search for a tool box that will last. The tool box should be like Timex watches in that respect with their famous slogan “takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin'”. You don’t have to be a mechanic to use and appreciate a good solid tool box as most tool hobbyists also have a vast array of high-quality tools that need a home. Keep reading for mechanic’s tool box reviews and ratings.

The 5 Top Mechanic’s Tool Boxes

A mechanic’s tool box can’t be easily replaced with another type like a triangle tool box, so taking some of the qualities listed above, we went out and searched everywhere for the best tool box that we could find. We took price, quality, durability, and other qualities that would make the tool box desirable into account and came up with five tool boxes that make the grade and then some. Check out the top five mechanic’s tool boxes listed below.

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating *
Best Choice DEWALT Tough System Extra Large Tool Box Case ♥♥♥♥♥
Premium Pick WORKPRO 408-Piece Tool Set with Heavy Duty Metal Box ♥♥♥♥♥
Best Value DEWALT Tstak Tool Box with Deep with Long Handle ♥♥♥♡♡
Runner Up Supatool Tool Set & Cantilever Tool Box with 199 Pieces ♥♥♥♥♡
Honorable Mention Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox with Comfort Handle & Top Storage ♥♥♥♥♡
is made possible by its users.
When you buy a product through a link on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn More.

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★ Best Choice
Top 5 Best Mechanic's Tool Boxes 1Best Choice for Best Mechanic Tool Box: DEWALT Tough System Extra Large Tool Box Case

The DEWALT Tough System Extra Large Tool Box Case is the best mechanic tool box because it uses an IP65 water seal to protect your tools from any leak that could damage them.

DeWalt is well-known in the industry as a fine maker of power tools, but they also make fine tool boxes as well. The Tough System Case comes with vast interior space with storage for hand tools and a removable tray. You can stack the modules on top of each other with the side latches and you also have sturdy side handles to bolster the tool box.

The DeWalt comes with a central locking mechanism that secures the box to the frame of the unit. There is protection throughout the entire tool box, as all interior cases have water seals to protect them from moisture with an IP65 certification for these as well as the outer case seals. The DeWalt also comes with a 4 mm foam structure box wall to give extra strength to the unit itself. Structural integrity is vitally important in a tool box, and DeWalt delivers on this in spades.


  • IP65 rated water seal protection throughout the unit, inside and out
  • Central locking mechanism for box security and frame integrity
  • Holds many tools with stackable modules for additional tool storage


  • Internal ribbing reduces storage space
♛ Premium Pick
Top 5 Best Mechanic's Tool Boxes 2Premium Pick for Best Mechanic Tool Box: WORKPRO 408-Piece Tool Set with Heavy Duty Metal Box

The WORKPRO 408-Piece Tool Set with Heavy Duty Metal Box is the best mechanic tool box because it comes with a lifetime warranty and everything a beginning mechanic could ever need.

The WorkPro representative in the best mechanic tool box contest is a massive tool set with over 400 tools for almost any conceivable task you could think of. The durable 3-drawer design with ball bearing slides holds all of these tools for quick retrieval when needed. WorkPro is a trusted name in the industry with its first forays into tools in 1992 and this heavy box and tool set brings the WorkPro brand to a new level.

A combination of rugged construction and solid build quality means that this offering from WorkPro will last for quite some time. Mechanics and enthusiasts alike will enjoy the vast number of tools included with this set. This is a great starter set for someone looking to build a good assortment of tools and storage and not knowing where to start. The WorkPro delivers a great all-around toolbox that will provide many years of service and store a set of tools with perfect reliability.


  • Vast array of different tools included
  • Durable construction of tool box will provide many years of service
  • Easy accessibility to all tools throughout the kit


  • Good for beginners but not professionals
$ Best Value
Top 5 Best Mechanic's Tool Boxes 3Budget Choice for Best Mechanic Tool Box: DEWALT Tstak Tool Box with Deep with Long Handle

The DEWALT Tstak Tool Box with Deep with Long Handle is the best mechanic tool box because it’s an inexpensive alternative that has a huge amount of storage space.

DeWalt’s other entry can be considered one of the best mechanic tool box because of the gigantic space inside. This vast room can house many large tools needed for specialized projects and fixes. This unit can be stacked with other Tstak modules to conserve space and provide a cleaner look inside the garage from a storage stand point. Heavy-duty metal latches are resistant to oxidation and rust and do a great job in keeping the top and bottom portions of the case together.

The top portion of the mechanic tool box contains dividers for bits and drills and can house other needed tools as well. The Tstak also comes with a long handle which is perfect for carrying the tool box where you need it. The DeWalt Tstak will provide a good home for your tools and provide a durable home for many years.


  • Lots of storage space
  • Rust-resistant, heavy-duty metal latches to keep both portions together snugly
  • Can be stacked onto other Tstak modules for space-saving storage


  • Has less storage space than other options
♥ Top Pick
Top 5 Best Mechanic's Tool Boxes 7Runner Up for Best Mechanic Tool Box: Supatool Tool Set & Cantilever Tool Box with 199 Pieces

The Supatool Tool Set & Cantilever Tool Box with 199 Pieces is the best mechanic tool box because it comes stocked with nearly 200 tools and is perfect for beginning mechanics.

The Supatool 199-Piece Mechanics Tool Set comes with a powder-coated finish to resist scratches and five trays to house plenty of tools. The tool box itself is manufactured out of high-quality carbon steel with chrome-plating and heat treatment to provide the best defense against corrosion and rust.

The cantilevered design holds the trays within the unit to provide one of the best storage-to-space ratios around. The Supatool also comes with a 199-piece starter tool set which is great for beginners and first-time homeowners to fix things around the house. The set comes with SAE and metric tools as well as ¼” and ⅜” drive kits. The Supatool steel tool box is a great heavy and sturdy tool box that will provide a decent home for your tools for a long time.


  • Cantilevered-design holds five trays within the tool box for maximum storage
  • Treated steel and powder-coat finish offers great rust and corrosion protection
  • Also contains a 199-piece tool set for beginners and DIYers


  • Could have included a wider variety of tools
♥ Top Pick
Top 5 Best Mechanic's Tool Boxes 8Honorable Mention for Best Mechanic Tool Box: Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox with Comfort Handle & Top Storage

The Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox with Comfort Handle & Top Storage is the best mechanic tool box because it has wheels that make it easy to move from place to place.

The Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox is the last entrant into the best mechanic tool box contest with a good set of features to benefit anyone who needs a place for their tools. The 4.2″ nylon wheels provide a good base to roll this tool box wherever you need it. This tool box has a nice array of small part compartments and two removable trays.

This tool box is made out of rugged polypropylene and metal for years of long-lasting use. The Rolling Toolbox also comes with cable hooks affixed to keep small items such as rolls of tape or extension cords. This toolbox is a great addition to those on-the-go and looking for a high-quality tool box to accompany them. The wheels will give you the mobility and durability that you’re looking for in a good tool box.


  • Great durable material for the price with long-lasting materials
  • Has wheels to push this tool box around to where you need it
  • Holds a surprising amount of tools for the price


  • Not ideal for those who desire a tool box that holds “everything”

Features to Consider for the Best Mechanic Tool Box

Now that you’ve read the mechanic’s tool box reviews, it’s time to consider the features of what makes a tool box truly the best.


Of course, when you buy a tool box, you want to make sure that it can fit all of your tools. After all, what good is a tool box if it can only carry half of your tools? All of your tools are important to you and your job, and you need a tool box that can fit all of them. Pay extra attention to the dimensions of the tool box so you can organize your tools properly.


Tool boxes need to hold all of your tools, and the weight of those tools adds up quickly. If your tool box is made from flimsy material or has weak locks, it could fall apart in your hands. When looking for a high-quality storage, you should consider a metal tool box that has the lowest chances of falling apart on you. Metal is also a good material for tool boxes because it can stand up to any dings it may take in your day-to-day job, which is much harder for plastic tool boxes to do.

Different materials have different durabilities and maintenance requirements. If you’re chooosing a metal tool box, make sure to be aware of how to maintain a metal tool box. Likewise, for wood, know how to take care of a wooden tool box.


If you’re the kind of person who moves from place to place for jobs, you need a portable tool box or portable rolling tool box that is going to move easily with you. Mechanic’s tool boxes can be big, bulky, and heavy. Some tool boxes come with wheels to make mobility easy, but others don’t. This should be a top consideration if you want something that will go with you.

Benefits of Using Mechanic’s Tool Boxes

Having all your tools housed in a mechanic’s tool box can be extremely useful. This is beneficial when traveling as you never know when you may need tools handy. What if your car won’t start or you have a flat tire? Having tools around will definitely make these jobs a lot easier to do, and a mechanic’s tool box is a lot more mobile than a truck tool box. If you have family or friends who lack tools and you go to their locale to help them with a fix or an installation, you can bring your tools with you in the tool box.

The best mechanics tool box will also provide security over your tools when away from your house. Some tool boxes will have a lockable latch or a hole to put a Master Lock through to keep your tools secure. Above all else, having your tools with you in a tool box will provide the peace of mind that you can’t get with anything else. You’ll be prepared for any possibility and not have to wait on a mechanic or a handyman with their own tools to help you.

Precautions of Using Mechanic’s Tool Boxes

In terms of finding the best tool storage solutions, there are some precautions to take heed of when using the best mechanic tool box. Most high-quality tool boxes are quite heavy, and that’s without the tools in it. As you can imagine, fully loaded with tools makes things even more cumbersome to carry, so you’ll have to factor that extra weight in when lugging the tool box around.

It’s also a pretty good idea to wear steel toe boots when working on a project that involves the use of your tool box. A tool box full of tools falling on your foot from any distance will most likely result in a broken foot or fractured toes, so always stay safe when dealing with the unlikely possibilities that could happen during your use.

Always keep a lock on your tool box or if the latch has a locking mechanism, always keep it locked up even between tool uses. Tools can go missing easily, or they could be stolen out from under you without a moment’s notice. High-quality tools are not cheap, and it’s disheartening to see your substantial monetary investment dwindle down little by little due to theft or lost tools.


Pencils down, we have a winner! The best mechanic tool box is the DEWALT Tough System Extra Large Tool Box Case. The DeWalt scored high marks across the board with its massive interior space and storage capabilities. The Tough System Case also scored well with its stackable side modules and robust interior foam box, which gives the tool box unparalleled structural integrity.

The tool kit is secured to the frame by an ingenious central locking mechanism and its side handles helps with the portability of the Tough System Case. The feature that separates this tool box from all others was the unmatched protection from the elements with IP65 water seal integration on the outside case and all of the interior cases as well. This keeps all of your tools dry and rust-free and ready to go for the next project. The DeWalt can’t be recommended enough as it’s a winner and will provide years of service!

I hope that these mechanic’s tool box reviews have helped you find the right tool box for your needs.