About Choosetoolbox.com

Choosetoolbox.com was started by a group of dedicated tool users and mechanics – both hardcore and weekend warriors.

John James is the main driver and operator of the website. John’s full time job is at Two Rabbits MediaJohn James choosetoolbox

You can follow John’s Twitter feed here.

John started choosetoolbox.com because he and his team saw the need for a simple website to do two things; give good reviews of tools, toolboxes and toolkits while also offering up some good advice (through the blog) about how and why to use those tools.

Though John likes his job, he spends most of his free time working in his garage shop (see photo). Yes, he will admit it’s a mess, but that’s why he john choosetoolboxencourages everyone (else) to organize their tools in tool chests and boxes. Which John does a large rolling toolbox just to the right of the picture that belonged to his father.

When John isn’t making a mess in his garage, he is at the local brewhouse trying out the newest craft beer. One of his favorite craft brew websites is www.craftbeer.com  Johns taste in beer leans more to the American Brown Ale than any other type – though he will never refuse to try any beer offered in friendship.

And as a reminder, John and his helpers on this website do earn fees by linking products reviewed to Amazon.com. You can read more on the Privacy Policy here.