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About Us 1Hi there, my name is John James, and I’m the driving force behind this website.

I started ChooseToolbox.com because I saw the need for a simple website to do two things: give good reviews of tools, toolboxes and toolkits, and explaining to DIY-ers new and old how and why to use those tools. Myself and my team from Two Rabbits Media (where I work my day job) are now working to put information about all these great tools out in the world so everyone who wants to do so can make GREAT things.

Now, I admit, I love my day job. But my real love? I spend most of my free time locked up in my garage, which I’ve converted into my own personal workshop. Okay, it’s a mess, but that’s why I encourage everyone (else) to organize their tools in tool chests and boxes. 😉

When I’m not making a mess in my garage, you can usually find me at the local brewhouse trying out the newest craft beers. American Brown Ales are my favorite, but I’ll try anything once, especially if it’s offered.

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As a reminder, my team and I earn fees on this website by linking products reviewed to Amazon.com. You can read more about how that works on our Privacy Policy page.

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