Tool box, Tool Belts, Soft Tool Bags & Tool Kit Reviews & Ratings

There are hundreds of toolboxes, toolkits and tool belts on the market today. We rank and review the best tool boxes, toolkits and soft bag toolkits for you. If you are confused or concerned about buying the right one for all of your expensive and irreplaceable tools, you’ve come to the right place. A toolbox or tool belt is like a member of the family; they will stay in your family for years and possibly generations into the future.

So choosing the right toolbox or toolbelt is important. With all of the different styles, brands, sizes and construction choices out there – as well as price, it can be confusing. Our toolbox, toolkit and tool belt reviews and buying guide are here to help educate and inform you. We also discuss the difference so that you can choose which is best for you.

Basic Metal Toolbox Reviews

Red Metal ToolboxLike it sounds, a basic metal tool box is just that. The basic metal tool box has been around for hundreds of years. Besides wood, it was the first true toolbox used by professionals and workers everywhere. It is still the largest seller of all types of toolboxes. Due to its durability, smaller size, and strength, the basic metal toolbox comes in a variety of colors, sizes and styles.

Some have drawers and compartments, while others do not. We look at three different types and review each one, so for your information and education. We help to assist you in deciding which metal tool box is best for you and your tool box needs. Many people who do woodworking or metal working also own a great metal tool box.

Tool Belts Reviews

A tool belt or toolbelt, tool belt choosetoolbox.comtakes second spot for most used and liked for lovers and users of tools. Tool belts a big advantage over metal toolboxes as they can easily be carried around on your waist. They are generally less expensive, lighter in weight and are a bit more efficient that carrying around a box of tools. than metal. But like many metal toolboxes have drawers, tool belts have pockets, openings and compartments that can be used to store and organize those all important tools for work or play.

And unlike metal toolboxes, tool belts are made from a variety of materials; leather, faux leather, cloth and sometimes elastic with some plastic and metal parts. As can be easily seen, tool belts are much more efficient as your needed and important tools are literally at your finger-tips.  And just like in any other consumer item for sale, there are other options and choices when choosing a tool belt. It is important to do research before deciding which is right for you.

Standing Rolling Tool Box & Tool Chests ReviewsRolling Tool box and Tool chests

For the person with lots of tools of all sizes and shapes, as well as in a location that is permanent, a standing rolling toolbox is for you. Usually made of a strong and durable metal, the standing rolling toolbox has a lot of drawers of various sizes and shapes for tools of all shapes and sizes. The standing rolling toolbox is often found in mechanic and automotive shops that require the storage of many types and sizes of specialized tools.

Though don’t let that discourage you. There are many weekend warriors or just people that have a lot of tools that  would use and enjoy the storage capacity of this type of toolbox. In addition to usually being red, the rollers can often be removed from the bottom of the unit in order to make the toolbox permanent. Many people use a standing or rolling tool chest for automotive tools.

In addition, many units have certain drawers that lock for the protection of valuable tools such as electronic monitoring equipment. Most of the standing rolling units have a flat surface on top, usually coated with a non-skid surface. This is used to place and organize tools. These types of toolboxes are the most expensive in our reviews due to their size and durability. That said, these toolboxes can withstand the test of time, work and abuse and are usually worth the money. Click here to see the reviews and additional information about standing rolling toolboxes.

Small Household Tool Kit Reviews

Though not technically toolboxes, one could say that small tool kits are indeed toolboxes – only pre-filled with smaller tools. These types of Household tool kitstoolboxes or toolkits, are often purchased by individuals who only need a limited number of tools. Most small tool kits come pre-filled with screwdrivers, both flat-head and phillips, as well as a pair of pliers and a socket set. Some small tool kits also come equipped with a utility knife, a tape measure and other small tools.

A small tool kit is a great choice for beginner mechanics or just those that tackle small projects. Unlike metal, plastic or rolling toolboxes, the cost and value of it is not the actual unit itself, but the contents in it. Because of this, the prices and cost of small tool kits vary greatly due to the tools inside. Additionally, since most small tool kits are sold by brand, some brands are more expensive than others. Not because of the toolkit itself, but the tools inside. Our small tool kit reviews and ratings should assist you in finding the best small tool kit for your needs.

Soft Sided Tool Bag Reviews

soft sided or cloth tool bagSoft sided toolboxes or tool bags are used the least often of all toolboxes. Though don’t let this discourage you from checking out the reviews from soft sided tool bags. If you must have your tools always at your side, a soft-sided toolbox is the tool carrier for you. Almost all of these types of toolboxes or bags are either cloth or sometimes plastic. The reason? Weight. Since you will be carrying them with you, the weight needs to come from the tools themselves. Weight does not come from the carrier. As such, the carrier is usually quite light, though very durable.

In addition to a sturdy handle with a soft under/over grip, most soft-sided tool bags have small slits of spaces for tool organization. Soft tool bags can store such as for screwdrivers, or other specialized equipment. And since these are usually made of cloth, the color, styles and cloth can vary greatly from one to another. When considering this type of toolbox, be mindful of the tools that are going into it. Watch the size, shape and number of tools, which will usually dictate the size and cost of this toolbox. So before making any decisions, read the reviews of the best soft sided tool bags available.

Still undecided? Let our Tool Kit Buyer’s Guide assist you!